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The Nomadic Artist

Traveling the World with Artist Residencies

The Nomadic Artist: Traveling the World with Artist Residencies

The Nomadic Artist

I am a nomadic artist. I want to see the world to better the world. I find poetic wonder in new places, experiences, people, and environments, shifting my perspective to see what matters most: our EARTH.

As I travel across new terrain and learn from others, it becomes more apparent how all places, people, ecosystems, geography, technology, resources and culture connect and influence one another.

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One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.
— Henry Miller

Drastic changes in locations from urban to rural environments reveal distinctions between lifestyle, diet, faith, political views, ecology, and social values. This enables me to create artwork that derives from outside of myself, a compilation of many perspectives in order to find a more holistic worldview, or at least, better understand the pieces that make up our planet.

Now it gives me great joy to expose what happens at these residencies. What do I see? What do I do? What do I create? I want to show you first-hand where my creative inspiration comes from and how it manifests itself into new work.

A teenage girl once told me that my “spirit animal” is a barnacle, because I filter and release content while simultaneously cleansing the environment around me. Not my original animal choice, but I understood her reasoning. I want to “be the barnacle” for you to expose you to my process and creations, but also to different places, communities, and natural scenes around the world to uplift your spirits and hopefully broaden your perspective about our vast web of life.

I invite you to join me as I explore, experience, and create shifting between very different programs and places. I will post videos, photos, images, sketches, ideas and new works along the way.